About Giselle

Organizations and professionals make quantum leaps forward in both personal and team effectiveness when Giselle helps them identify and unleash the extraordinary power of their core strengths and intrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation – the one thing other talent management programs completely ignore – drives behaviour and once you become aware of your own pattern of behaviour you will begin to see extraordinary possibilities based on this simple line of reasoning.


  1. People are more productive and satisfied when they are in jobs that make use of their unique operating patterns,
  2. Organizations and teams function more productively when they understand and make use of the unique patterns of each team member
  3. Poor performance is often a result of poor job fit, or poorly managing one’s unique operating pattern.
  4. The cost of poor job fit, or poorly managing oneself, is enormous to the company as well as for the individual.
  5. As people understand their unique patterns they become more effective managers of themselves and others.

The Motivational Blueprint has been changing lives for over 50 years and MCORE® is the tool that helps you understand your motivation.

As the only person in the Caribbean certified to use MCORE® Giselle provides coaching for Executives using this powerful process for aligning gifts with the strengths and needs of their team and organization in order to deliver superior results.

MCORE® Certified Coaching is ideal for individual leaders, leadership teams, and those key people needed for significant responsibility in an organization. Click here to learn more…

She also helps individuals make strategic life decisions that fit who they are, based on their unique operating pattern resulting in deep satisfaction and personal effectiveness and an ability to start their own businesses and turn what they know into greater earning potential. Click here to find out more…

Giselle speaks, facilitates workshops, coaches, consults, and as a regular columnist in the Business Newsday, writes with the intention to effect change and transformation in people’s lives and in their businesses.

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